Advantages/ Disadvantages Of Offline Marketing

June 6, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Offline marketing marketing is still important in todays primarily digital world. While some companies have simply cast aside the more traditional approach to marketing, we have always adopted offline strategies which has enabled us to realize sales within a smaller time frame than we could online.  We have tried to outline the benefits and drawbacks of offline marketing campaign’s below.


Building A Relationship With The Customer

When you market a business offline, you are able to directly interact with your customer & are can therefore determine their needs & alter your sales pitch accordingly. The face to face meet with the business inspires trust in the customer & they are then able to associate a face with your company!

When marketing online, you will have carried out market research and compiled a list of ‘generic’ needs. The offline medium potentially allows you to converse with the customer to ensure your pitch is tailored to their specific needs.

Quick Return On Investment

When you invest in offline marketing materials, you can directly market your products to your customers & start realising your profit within the same day.

When marketing online you can expect to see results from your SEO techniques within months as opposed to hours, or days. This quick return on investment allows startup companies to quickly generate revenue, before launching online!

Long Lasting Effects

When you hand out a business card to a customer, they are able to contact you for years to come, as and when they need your product or service; and are unlikely to throw the card away.

Whereas, when you launch a website, your search engine positioning may fluctuate, making it harder for a customer to find your web page and order your product…. potentially losing their custom to a competitor.


Need For Marketing Staff

To effectively cover a wide geographic area, you will need to employ marketing staff. These roles can be as simple as handing out leaflets in a town center, or putting them through letterboxes. While the wage for such tasks may be insignificant to larger organisations, startup companies may struggle to sustain this approach.

Can Be Costly

The cost of printed goods can spiral out of control & provide little return on investment when placed incorrectly. Before starting out, you need to find areas with a high density of your target market to increase your chances of success.

No 24*7 Presence

While trading online you can be available & selling goods 24 hours a day, which can expose you to more global time-zones & increase your business exposure globally. This is where offline marketing needs to be supported with a web-presence.!

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